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Chapter 1

A young woman named Soa, felt her heart pounding in her chest, because it was about to be her first time.

She stood in the center of a cozy backroom, staring at its walls. They were stacked with shelves of bottles that contained colorful liquids.

Soa did not want anyone to see what was about to happen, so she made her way over to the only window in the room and closed the curtains. As she closed the curtains, Soa noticed that her hands were shaking.

Her boss was leaving earlier than usual, giving her a chance to do what was making her tremble. Soa had already finished her work for the day, because she had something risky and exciting motivating her.

"Soa! It's just us now!" yelled a young man, named Jack Bunder.

Jack was the shopkeeper at Bunder's Fine Crafted Potions, a small potions shop owned by his mother. He was yelling from the front of the shop, to let Soa know that his mom was finally gone.

“Alright!” Soa shouted back.

She heard the creak of a wooden door open behind her and turned to see Jack enter from the front of the shop. He closed the door and then comfortably rested his back against it.

Soa looked at Jack and could not help but feel that the pressure of society was guiding her actions, rather than her own free will.

"Are you ready?" asked Jack, with a smug look on his face.

"Yeah. You sure she's not coming back?" asked Soa.

"Of course! Don't worry, it'll be fine!" said Jack, with a convincingly relaxed tone.

Jack turned around, walked out of the room, and closed the wooden door behind him. Soa felt her nervousness fade, as she began to focus on all the steps she had to carry out.

She was going to make her first illegal potion.

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